Public Access MASS

This is a free event. Reservations not required.

Celebrate the opening of the latest show from MASS Gallery, one of Austin’s most vital non-profit, artist-led, independent galleries. The beer and wine will be flowing as the collective unveils their fabulously re-imagined 1500SqFt gallery in east Austin.

For Public Access, a team of visual artists will build a series of installation ‘television sets’ within the space of MASS Gallery. These will include, but are not limited to, a talk show, a living room, a kitchen/cooking set, a flex space with multiple back- drops, and a puppet theatre. After the installations are complete the installation space will be turned over to performers of all types to use as they like, ultimately creating a series of space-specific performances, which will be filmed. The finished videos will be on view in the installation space of Public Access in both the ‘technical control room’ and also in the ‘waiting room/lobby’.

This project aims to allow for new collaborations between visual installation artists and performing artists, allowing both parties to see their work in new ways. The sets will be recognizable spaces, resembling ‘real’ television sets, but they will be artist-crafted, often tweaked and manipulated. At the same time, the sets will be designed as physical spaces for live performances that range from serious and informational to absurd and abstract.



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